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It's not how you sing it, it's how you bring it

All in all, it's going pretty damned well with Metallikoor. The sound is developing, the vocal skills are improving and there is an undeniable energy in the group that is downright contagious. But as we all know, having fun in a rehearsal room is not really what it's all about; so yesterday we set about creating a 'performance' to match that big sound.

For me personally, this is a challenge. How do you get 18 burly guys to move in a cohesive, spontaneous way without looking like they have been entered into a dance contest? After a small amount of steering from me, the guys came up with their own ideas and adapted my ideas to suit themselves better. Sometimes the chaps had to step right outside their comfort zones, and we had moments of extreme hilarity but within an hour we had three songs ready. AWESOME.

This morning, I awoke with names for our new 'moves'. The funky head-bob, the power-punch, the buddy system and of course the 'slightly aggressive but not so much as to scare the audience lunge' (OK, I am still working on that one to be honest). I bet you can't wait to see and hear how it's all coming together.

Curious? Then go to our gigs page on this website and check out our upcoming performances.

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