VOCAL MASTER: Rock star will you become? Hear you, we can.  But afraid to sing with balls I think.

PADAWAN SINGER: (a little angry) What's that got to do with anything?

VOCAL MASTER: Everything. Singing without balls is the path to the dark side... singing without balls leads to pop-music... pop-music leads to easy listening… easy listening leads to Michael Bubble. Beware of Michael Bubble you must. Bubble tempts many with the promise of Christmas hits. Seductive the dark side is.

PADAWAN SINGER: (angrily) I am not afraid of Michael Bubble!

VOCAL MASTER: A metal-head must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind....

The first thing I have learned from working with Metallikoor is that the guys are super-motivated and up for anything. They have been singing together for just eight weeks but they are gearing up for their first performance in a couple of weeks time already.

When I asked the chaps if they wanted to perform (together with the Rock Chix from Pocket Rock!t) at the busy Dickens Festival in Drunen. there was no moment of doubt, no inkling of hesitiation, just a  resounding HELL YEAH!

So, we got to work on two numbers from the Rock Chix repertoire where the 'boys' could add their power. Last night, a group of the 'girls' c...

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